Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) program, offered by the Dallas Police Department

Residents of Windsor Park have formed WPHA DALLAS ENP, INC. to administer our new ENP patrol program, and Members are residents who have paid annual dues to WPHA DALLAS ENP, INC. for DPD enhanced patrol service.  This patrol service is not included in the annual membership dues for Windsor Park Homeowners Association, which dues are used for the beautification and upkeep of our neighborhood.

ENP is a program coordinated through the Dallas Police Department employing off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood. The ENP officer is connected to the dispatch system as if s/he were on duty and will respond to normal 911 calls which are from a Member (dues-paying) house and when they are on duty in our neighborhood at the time. Our ENP officer will respond to a moral imperative such as being the nearest vehicle to another officer in danger even outside of our neighborhood (very rare) or a violent crime at a non-Member house in the neighborhood. Our ENP officer will not respond to a simple crime at a non-Member house in the neighborhood (such as false alarm) or normal crime outside of the neighborhood (such as car break-in at Northpark mall). Our ENP officer’s location will be visible to dispatch as off-duty vehicle, so will not reduce the normal police presence in the area. Our ENP officer is armed and authorized to make arrests, issue citations etc. Our ENP officer will patrol in uniform and in a DPD official police car, which is equipped with computers, allowing the officer to check for outstanding warrants, stolen cars, etc. on the spot. We have provided an iPhone to the ENP officer which has the contact information of every ENP Member on it, so s/he will know who you are when you call for non-911 matters, and the officer can call you to clarify suspicious matters at your residence.  The program brings police response to your home within seconds when our ENP officer is on duty. A data terminal onboard will allow ENP officers to check instantly for stolen vehicles or outstanding warrants. For more information, please click on the ENP Program Benefits tab.

You can see a graphical depiction of homes in Windsor Park which are under the watchful eye of the Dallas Police Department ENP program by clicking on the ENP Member Map.

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