WPHA DALLAS ENP, INC. Program and Benefits

July 1, 2021 Update

Dear Members, welcome to the neighborhood Expanded/Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) program for residents of Windsor Park, Brookshire Park and Lane Park who choose to sign up for this security program.

Please go to our website for more information about joining and paying the non-refundable annual Membership fees: www.wphadallas.com.  The following Membership Information will help you better understand how the ENP program works.


Let's review some of the key points of our ENP program:

  1. We currently have off-duty Dallas Police Officers serving as our ENP officers, who patrol up to 60 hours per week, normally in shifts of 4 hours in duration. They are on patrol seven days a week during day and night shifts. We will increase the patrol hours as more Members sign up for the program.

  2. We have a contract with the Dallas Police Department to provide a marked Dallas Police squad car, with full radio and DPD computer, so ENP officers can input info, research a suspect's info, file an arrest report, etc. Our Members are provided the ENP Officer’s direct cell phone number. DO NOT give your home alarm company the ENP Officer’s cell number – your alarm company should ALWAYS call 9-1-1 and you, not the ENP Officer. In the ENP vehicle, the Officers have information on all Member households, including residents and their phone numbers. Our ENP officers do know that you are a Member, but they also know which of your neighbors are not a paid Member in good standing.  They are off-duty Dallas Police officers under contract to look after our paid Members' security.

  3. Sgt. Daniel Foster is our Coordinating Officer. He hand-picks each person on the ENP crew -- whether Lieutenants, Sergeants, Senior Corporals or Officers. As the Coordinating Captain for our Windsor Park neighborhood, we talk and email with Sgt. Foster several times a week. We review any crime patterns going on in our neighborhood and neighboring areas, share information or comments we receive from you, the Members. Members are encouraged when out and about to wave over and visit with the ENP Officer on their shift. 

  4. We do change the ENP schedule to keep the 'bad guys' guessing, and never put anything of that nature in writing. Sometimes Officers will be patrolling the whole time while others may hide in the alleyway behind your corner house at 2:30 in the morning, watching the comings and goings on the street just ahead. Each of these Officers has their favorite 'visibility spot' where they can be seen by the highest possible number of people/cars at any given moment. Why is this so important? You and I see police cars daily, and unless we might be a smidgen over the speed limit, we really don't make that much of a deal when we see their cars. The bad-guys do note everything, since their criminal intentions for that day and their freedom are at stake. Most of the bad guys will scram out of the neighborhood when they see a marked car hanging around, to go to another neighborhood which does not have the ENP program.

  5. Benefits to our Members include being provided a yard sign to place in your yard notifying your neighbors and the bad guys that you have the enhanced security afforded by our ENP program.  In addition, we publish an online scatter map, whereby you can see the location of all of the Members of this program and view the concentration of Members on your block.  We currently have 262 Members as displayed on the Windsor Park ENP Member scatter map and the Brookshire Park scatter map.

  6. We also have a members-only private ENP section in Nextdoor.com where we will publish the ENP officer cell phone number and our comments and suggestions can be private amongst ourselves.

  7. Our number one goal for ENP is crime prevention. Within that charge, we fight the hardest on crimes against persons (such as robberies, assaults, indecency crimes, aggravated assaults involving weapons, vehicles and the like). Property crimes rank next in our priority. These crimes include robberies and burglaries of residences, thefts, fraud, scams, BMVs burglary of a motor vehicle.

  8. We send out periodic Crime Watch Updates; sometimes Alerts or Cautions on specific acts that have or are taking place. Periodically, we put together a free Police VIN etching and H.E.A.T. program - two great membership benefits potentially saving some of our members up to 15% off their automobile insurance!

  9. A benefit when we have an Officer on ENP patrol is that the maximum time for 9-1-1 response to a Member's home is minutes, since unfortunately, response to a 9-1-1 call by a non-Member can be delayed due to the shortage of Dallas Police Officers. When going out of town, Members can file a Trip Notice on our website which is submitted directly to Sgt. Foster, providing your name and address, the date and time of departure, and return and your contact or cell when gone. As well, tell them if you have a housekeeper, grown children who should, may or should not be on property. They will pay special attention to your home while you are away during patrol hours.  Our ENP officer will also have a cell phone which a Member can call. 

  10. Members, when you see something you think looks suspicious, immediately call 9-1-1 and then dial the ENP Officer's cell phone - in that order. Try and make your report as factual as possible. Include a license number, type/color of car, truck or van, how tall was the person, how many persons, what clothing visible, (if you're calling from a cell phone, tell them your address!).  Remember the who, what, where, when and why you are calling. DO NOT be hesitant to call 9-1-1. We always welcome your emails with your thoughts, questions, suggestions, etc. As well, we send out crime trips and notices of upcoming programs of interest.

  11. Remember, that WPHA ENP hires off-duty Dallas Police Officers for the benefit of our paid Members.  Non-members will need to continue to rely upon on-duty police officers when they have needs and be subject to their often delayed response time.  As the result, the more of our neighbors who become Members, the more intense our patrol hours can be and the more secure all Members will be.  You can help your neighbors and yourself by promoting this proven security program to neighbors on your block who are not yet Members.

Want to know who they are, so you can encourage them to join?  Click here and here


Contact our officers at:  officers@wphadallas.com


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