Dallas Police Department Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What is an Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol program?

A. ENP is a program coordinated through the Dallas Police Department employing off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood. The ENP officer is connected to the dispatch system as if s/he were on duty, but will respond only to 911 calls from a dues-paying Member's. Our ENP officer will respond to a moral imperative such as being the nearest vehicle to another officer in danger even outside of neighborhood (very rare) or a violent crime at a non-Member house in the neighborhood. Our ENP officer will not respond to a simple crime at a non-Member house in the neighborhood (such as false alarm) or normal crime outside of the neighborhood (such as car break-in at Northpark mall). The ENP officer’s location will be visible to dispatch as off-duty vehicle, so will not reduce the normal police presence in the area. Our ENP officer is armed and authorized to make arrests, issue citations etc. Our ENP officer patrols in a DPD official police car, which is equipped with computers, allowing the officer to check for outstanding warrants, stolen cars, etc. on the spot. The program brings police response to a Member's home within seconds when our ENP officer is on duty. A data terminal onboard will allow ENP officers to check instantly for stolen vehicles or outstanding warrants. In addition, we have provided our ENP officers an iPhone with the contact information of every ENP Member in it, so your name will pop up on the screen should you ever call, if you are a Member.

Q. What are the neighborhood’s benefits of joining the ENP Program?

A. The whole neighborhood will benefit from this program, but more especially the Members. Some neighborhoods have seen as much as an 85% reduction in crime. Dues paying Members will develop a personal relationship with the ENP patrol officer, giving us a “go-to” person in the Police Department. The patrol officer will be able to look for trouble spots and recommend things we can do to improve the safety of our neighborhood.

Q. How will I personally benefit from ENP?

A. Members will receive a yard sign designating your home as being under the watchful eye of the Dallas Police Department ENP Program.  Member's homes will also be depicted on a map published on our webiste and provided to the Dallas Police.  When our ENP officer is on duty, response time will be reduced to seconds when you call 911. When you are on vacation, our ENP officer will check your home once each patrol by walking the perimeter. The ENP officer will have your personal contact information if s/he ever sees anything out of the ordinary such as an open garage door or a suspicious vehicle on your property.

Q. Who oversees this program?

A. WPHA DALLAS ENP, INC, is a Texas Nonprofit Corporation which has received a 501(c)4 tax-exemption from the IRS.  It's directors and officers are non-paid volunteer residents of Windsor Park.  For more information, refer to: WPHA DALLAS ENP

Q. What are the annual dues?

A. Membership dues for 2018 have been combined with WHPA HOA annual dues and discounted to a combined rate of $550 ($575, if paid by credit card).  Many of our Members are helping to launch this important new security program by underwriting additional amounts, which we appreciate.  The more revenue we have, the more DPD patrol hours we will have.  No refund is made should a Member withdraw during the year, but a resident may transfer his Membership to a successor homeowner should s/he move out of the neighborhood.  Likewise, due to the start-up costs of this program, the board has not yet considered a lesser prorated Membership dues level for Members joining during the year; however, we do offer a monthly dues payment option on our website.

Q. How do I sign up and pay Membership dues?

A. Your check may be delivered or mailed to LuAnne Hobbs at 7108 Desco Drive, or you may pay with a credit card on our website at www.wphadallas.com.

Q. What do the annual ENP dues pay for?

A. Use of the patrol car, associated equipment and patrol officer wages. Overall costs will vary depending on the number of patrol hours we utilize. Organization and administration will be provided by WPHA DALLAS ENP, INC.

Q. How many hours will the officer patrol our neighborhood?

A. This will depend on the level of participation and interest. We would like to patrol at least 36 hours per week. This will require that at least 173 households join the program. If more people join the program, we will either reduce the cost or add additional patrol hours, depending on the wishes of the Members.


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