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Rezoning Status

July 19, 2007

Last night the zoning JTF met with Provident Realty to review their plans for the 17 acres of proposed residential development on the west side of the property.  From that meeting I can report the following to you:


·        Provident has already started moving the remaining tenants out of the existing apartments.

·        As of today the apartments are about 1/3rd occupied.

·        All apartments should be empty by the end of this month, July 31st.

·        Starting in August they expect to start the asbestos abatement followed by the demolition. This combined work with take about 8 months to complete.

·        They are currently planning a gated community of SF detached homes (about 5’ between homes) with 101 to 110 platted lots.

·        The lots would be 51” wide.

·        Homes would be 46” wide.

·        It is anticipated that the homes would range in value from $795,000 to $1,300,000.

·        The homes would range in size from 2,500 SF to 4,000 SF.

·        The name of the project would be called "The Glen."

·        There is the possibility that a group that was formerly associated with the Edgemere would build a similar quality retirement facility in the area immediately east of the 17 acre SF residential site.  This proposed new facility would be more vertical than the existing Edgemere.


While the JTF was pleased with the proposed renderings seen last night, we will be careful to have attractive "concepts" properly documented.


We will continue to deep you informed.  When we have something more definitive, we will post it on the web site.


Dec 14, 2006

CLICK to read the final copies of the zoning ordinance and the deed restrictions

July 20,2006

This afternoon, Thursday, July 20th, at approximately 4:45 PM, the zoning application for the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway passed the City Planning Commission on a unanimous vote. The application now heads to the City Council for a vote and that date may be Wednesday, August 9th.  The Joint Task Force spoke in favor of the application as it was finally amended.

The outstanding issues were not resolved until 3:30 PM today.  At times last night and earlier today our support was in doubt, but everything ended well. 

The applicant has pledged to get us final copies of the zoning ordinance and deed restrictions a week before the City Council hearing – that would be August 2nd at the earliest.  As soon as we receive these documents, we will notify you by email and they will be posted on our WPHA website for your review. 

If the City Council, as expected, approves the application, it will take at least nine months to demo the old improvements and make the site ready for new construction.

Thank you for both your patience and your support in dealing with this matter.  John Bradley and Jerry Bradley would like to salute WPHA Task Force Chairman Terry Haines for the enormous amount of extra time that he put into this project to see that our best interests were represented in the final written form.

July 12, 2006

The zoning case regarding the 42 acre tract at the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway will not be heard by the City Planning Commission tomorrow, Thursday, July 13th,  as previously discussed.  Because of changes in the business terms and the legal language, the case will be postponed at least one week.  The (survey) results were split about 50/50.  Negotiations this afternoon reduced the size of the seats to approximately 850 seats with a number of restrictions as to hours of operation and use.

July 8, 2006

The long standing zoning case at Walnut Hill and Central is scheduled to go to the City Plan Commission this coming Thursday, July 13th.  Your Joint Task Force is having a meeting on Tuesday, July 11th to go over last minute changes.  One of the changes is significant enough to warrant your input. 

Please reply to this email with your comments and questions about the following proposed change: 

1)    The applicant would like to have specialty theater(s) limited to four screens and 1,200 seats similar to the Highland Park Theater, Angelica Theater in the West Village, or Magnolia Theater. 

The specialty type of motion picture theater that they have in mind is currently available in Los Angles and New York, but does not exist in Dallas.  It would possibly entail some or all of the following: 

  • Membership only admittance

  • First run shows

  • Executive style seating

  • Ticket prices higher than normal

  • Food available from an upscale grill 

Your email response prior to our July 11th Joint Task Force committee meeting would be appreciated.  The consensus thought of our neighbors will guide us in our response in discussing   this request with the applicant.

June 1, 2006

At 11:00 AM on Thursday, June 1, 2006 the Dallas City Plan Commission (CPC) met for a briefing session regarding the day’s agenda. The zoning application for the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway was presented to the CPC at approximately 1:20 PM. At that point, some of the CPC members expressed frustration that they were just seeing the entire application for the first time with only ten minutes before the start of the public hearing at which time they were expected to vote.    

The hearing started at 1:30 PM and this application was not discussed until approximately 6:30 PM. Terry Haines, the Chairman of the Windsor Park Task Force, spoke on behalf of all three homeowner associations and the 970 homes that they represent.  He spoke in support of the zoning ordinance and exhibits approved at the Joint Homeowners’ meeting, but took exception to suggested changes by CPC staff and one neighbor to the north dealing with height and landscaping issues. 

The Commission voted to leave the public meeting open and under advisement until their June 22, 2006 meeting.  If the application was passed at that meeting, then the City Council would likely vote on the matter at their August 9, 2006 meeting. 

Our recommendation of approval to the City Council will be subject to final approval of all documents and exhibits and the proper execution of the deed restrictions prior to the City Council vote.

May 26,2006

Joint Homeowners Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 30 at 7:30 PM at Hillcrest High School Auditorium.  A presentation of the facts concerning the zoning application by Provident Realty for the 42 acres at the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway to be followed by a vote of the homeowners whether to support or oppose the zoning application.  Your participation is sincerely requested as the application will be voted upon by the City Plan Commission two days later on Thursday, June 1, 2006.  Hopefully this will be the last meeting on this matter.  Now is the time to review the final plans and documents and express your opinion.

Click here for a Review of the documents, exhibits and illustrations

Click here to read Draft zoning ordinance, deed restrictions and several exhibits

April 27, 2006


Report and Voting Results

Joint Neighborhood Meeting

John Baker, President of The Meadows, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and recognizing the members of the various neighborhood Task Forces and those city officials in attendance.  Jerry Bradley, a member of the WPHA Task Force, advised everyone that because of the timing of the application and the City Planning Commission hearing date, we were required to vote that night on the zoning ordinance as filed and that a negative vote was suggested.  However, the real purpose of the meeting had evolved into a briefing on the status of the ongoing negotiations with the hope that at our next meeting we could recommend a vote to support the modified zoning ordinance.


At the meeting we learned that the City Planning Commission hearing date for this application has been postponed until Thursday, May 18th.  Official city notice to surrounding property owners is now scheduled to be sent by mail on Friday, May 5thIt is of critical importance that those homeowners who receive ballots from the city regarding this zoning application keep those ballots in a safe place until we reach final agreement with the applicant.  It is the leverage of these ballots from the neighbors that produce the 20% rule that mandates a super majority vote at the City Council that is influencing the applicant to give us the written assurances of quality that we require in the deed restrictions.


Eric Anderson, a member of The Meadows Task Force, gave a report on the status of the on going negotiations and provided everyone with a great deal of useful information.  Eric then handled the Q & A session.  Jack Kickham, a Glen Lakes Task Force member, represented Glen Lakes while those neighbors were attending their annual meeting.


At the end of the meeting, a vote using a written ballot was taken on three measures.  The vote tally is as follows:


Total Votes

Measure #1

Measure #2

Measure #3



41 Yes

  1 No

  2 Yes

40 No

42 Yes

   0 No



16 Yes

  0 No

 0 Yes

16 No

16 Yes

  0 No



57 Yes

  1 No

  2 Yes

56 No

58 Yes

  0 No

Measure # 1: The JTF asked for a Yes vote to support a redevelopment of the site with a quality mixed use project.

Measure # 2: The JTF asked for a No vote to recommend denial of the current application as filed.

Measure # 3: The JTF asked for a Yes vote to support on going negotiations for a quality development with deed restrictions.


The JTF thanks everyone for their continued support.  We ask that you stay alert to email notices and postings on our respective neighborhood web sites regarding future information about this zoning application.  The Joint Task Force sincerely solicits your questions and input as we enter the final stage of negotiations.


The City Plan Commission hearing for this case is tentatively scheduled for Thursday May 11, 2006.  The zoning application in its present form is unacceptable and we would have to oppose it.  The main sticking point is sufficient  written criteria in the zoning application that would guarantee a quality mixed use development.  Currently the applicant and your Joint Task Force are meeting in an attempt to resolve differences prior to the meeting referenced below.


On Thursday April 27 a briefing for all three neighborhoods (Windsor Park, The Meadows and Glen Lakes) regarding the pending zoning case for the 42 acres at the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway. At the end of the briefing, it is planned that the neighbors will vote on accepting or rejecting the zoning application in its then current form and the results of the vote will be presented to the City Plan Commission.  Meeting will begin at 7:00 PM  in the Hillcrest High School Cafeteria.



Zoning:      I can now confirm that Provident Realty did file on yesterday, Wednesday March 29th, an amended zoning application for the subject 42 acres at the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway.  The zoning case number is Z045-254(RB). There is no immediate action required by our group at this point.  The earliest hearing before the CPC would be in May and that is likely to be delayed a month.  It is possible tht the CC hearing could be in June or August.  Negotiations will continue.  We will keep you informed.  We hope to make good use of our new internet site in this regard. We intend to hold a neighborhood meeting (possibly a combined meeting with The Meadows and Glen Lakes) prior to the CPC hearing.  At this time all three homeowners’ groups are strongly in opposition to the application.  The main problem is a lack of specificity that would ensure a quality development.  This has been the main sticking point all along.  Your WPHA Task Force consists of Chairman Terry Haines assisted by John Bradley and Jerry Bradley.


Zoning Update:   This is a heads up to let you know that we learned this afternoon that Provident Realty Advisors intends to file a zoning application for the 42 acres at the NWC of Walnut Hill and Central tomorrow.  This is the case that we have been involved with for going on 3 years.  We have received a copy of their application just this afternoon, but have not had an opportunity to review it.  It is unlikely that it is in a form that would be satisfactory to us.  Once it is confirmed that they have actually filed, I will alert all of WPHA.  As you know we are working in concert with The Meadows and Glen Lakes.  I will keep you posted.

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