Dallas Police Department Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol

Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol Registration


The minimum annual registration fee for off-duty police officers to patrol Windsor Park is $500 if paid separately or $550 if combined with WPHA annual dues. Any additional money that is given will be used to add extra hours in December and summer months when people are more likely to be away from their homes. Checks can be made payable to WPHA-ENP and dropped through the door at 7108 Desco Drive or can be paid with credit card through the PayPal link on our website www.wphadallas.com in which case our credit card fee cost is in addition.


Please return this completed form with your payment so we know how to contact you. We will be providing the phone number for the officer on duty when we receive your subscription.


Additional questions can be sent to officers@wphadallas.com


Please or deliver checks and contact information to:

LuAnne Hobbs

7108 Desco Drive

Dallas, TX 75225


Dues Options when paid by check (please check one):

o   $550 combined HOA and ENP annual dues

o   $120 for HOA only dues

o   $500 for ENP only dues

o   $_____________ underwriting donation to support more patrol hours


Payment may be made with a credit card on our website at www.wphadallas.com

Please return this form with your check to keep our records current.



Name: ___________________________________________________________




Primary email:_____________________________________________________


Secondary email:___________________________________________________


Home Phone:______________________________________________________


Cell Phone*: __________________________ 2nd Cell Phone*:____________________________


*Cell phones are important for ENP police offers to contact you


See the FAQ at this link - ENP-FAQ 


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